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Tips for Self-Care During Quarantine

Who thought 52 days ago we’d be facing a national lockdown and the world would have turned upside down? The quarantine may have helped with our digital communication skills, but many of us are struggling in the self-care department. During quarantine, we might underestimate the importance of self-care as we are always at home. However, this is actually a perfect time for you to take care of yourself...
So, what can we do to follow the safer-at-home rules and still get through this thing without looking like a hot mess? Besides washing your hands and keeping them away from your face, here are some beauty ideas you can try out to make quarantine more easy-going and yourself beautiful.

1.Get enough sleep

Sleep replenishes your immunity system and your killer cells, the first line of defence against any disease. Enough sleep also gives you beautiful glowy skin and reduces puffiness and redness around your eyes. Try to set your bedtime at the same time every night, even during this trying period when schedules are all out of whack. Your body (and mood) will thank you!

2. Beauty Treatments
You’ve always complained that you never get time to self-care… well here’s your chance... Beauty-care routines still make you feel normal in this time of upheaval. Wash, scrub, mask, whiten your teeth.. it’s a great opportunity to spend time with yourself.A great idea could be to create an at-home “spa” session. It's easier than it looks.

To prepare the bathroom you just need to light your favourite scented candle, play a chill playlist on Spotify and set up your self-care products, facial cleanser, scrub, a sheet mask for your skin-care and whitening strips for your oral care. Fill the bath and add the lovely salts you always keep for a special occasion. Once you're in the bath, gently clean your skin and exfoliate, apply the sheet mask afterwards, place your whitening strips on your teeth and relax for 30 minutes!

Doing these things greatly help to separate the days and give you the feeling that you’re doing something valid with your time. Don’t forget that self-care is a wonderful way to keep you away from anxiety and to switch off the screens for a bit.

3.Practise some sport
There are many personal trainers who now are working via Skype and multiple Youtube channels that offer you the best training programs. Besides that, you could also try to start with yoga workouts. Yoga helps your mind to stay calm while stretching your whole body. Give it a go, google and youtube are your friends. Remember, when you’re calm, your immune system functions better and your family and loved ones around you benefit too from your good mood
Find peace for yourself.

I know it's hard when it feels like the end of the world, and people on the internet are talking about how productive they are during this pandemic. You don't need to work out every day, read ten books or develop new skills. Just take it easy. Let yourself be ok.

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