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Premium natural teeth whitening powder

60ml / 2.03 fl.oz

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Our teeth whitening polish is made with premium finely ground food grade activated charcoal, ideal for dental use and is non-abrasive. Bentonite clay aids the charcoal's work, absorbing heavy metals and delivering essential minerals, while peppermint helps soothe gums, fight bacteria, reduce inflammation and give you a fresh breath.

Made in the UK.


Bentonite clay, Calcium carbonate, Activated charcoal (Cocos nucifera shell powder), Flavouring (Mint), Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Sodium chloride, Ginger root extract (Zingiber officinale).

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How to use

Charcoal powder 1 1. Put a pinch of powder in the palm of your hand and dip a wet toothbrush into powder
2. Brush teeth for one to two minutes, then rinse.
3. Brush again with water to remove residue.
4. Use twice daily for best results