Why My White Secret?

About us

My White Secret is here to disrupt the clichés that often surround whitening strips and the home teeth whitening strip market.

How we do just that…

Lots of teeth whitening strips contain harmful peroxide based formulas that erode the teeth’s natural enamel and cause irreversible damage to your pearly whites. Not only could you damage your teeth but EU/UK law now dictates that any teeth whitening product with over 0.5% peroxide must be administered by a dental professional which means lots of trips to the dentist! At My White Secret we’ve perfected a formula that gives you fantastic results without any of the nasties and enables you to get dazzling teeth from the comfort of your own home.

Use our strips just once a day for 14 days for 30 mins a day to get perfect white teeth that are healthy and beautiful.

We want to help you achieve beautiful white teeth in a simple way that’s hassle free. No gimmicks, no stunts, just a fantastic product that helps you highlight your natural beauty.

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