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Where does My White Secret ship to?
My White Secret ships worldwide.
Shipping is FREE for United Kingdom.
When can I expect my delivery?
UK: If you order before 2pm we will send it out the same day 1st class signed.
You should expect your package within 1-3 days.
Delivery to Europe can take 5-10 business days.
Delivery for the rest of the world will take 5-10 days.
International customers are responsible for their local taxes and clearance fees. Please be aware of this before ordering.
We will contact you to give you your tracking number for your peace of mind.
How do I track my order?
You will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number via e-mail when your order ships. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at
I'm having problems with the tracking.
Sorry about that! In a few cases, the carrier takes 1-2 business days to register your shipment status. If your tracking number isn’t updating or working at all, please reach out to us as soon as you can via We can give you the inside info.


What happens if I want to cancel my order for a refund?
If you request a cancellation of your order we cannot always 100% guarantee that it will be cancelled. We physically cannot cancel orders after 30 minutes of you placing your order. Please ensure you review your order before confirming your purchase.
Will these whiten my veneers?
Yes – My White Secret can help you get your veneers back to dazzling brightness.


Is My White Secret cruelty free?
Yes, all My White Secret products are cruelty free. As well as being proud to say that My White Secret is cruelty free, we´re also 100% vegan friendly!
Will My White Secret products make my teeth sensitive?
Not at all! You won't encounter any pain or sensitivity during or after your treatment. My White Secret whitening formulas are made with natural ingredients to gently whitens teeth. Our products are Suitable for sensitive teeth and gums
Does My White Secret whiten veneers?
Yes, My White Secret can help you get your veneers back to dazzling brightness.
Does My White Secret whiten crooked teeth?
Yes, My White Secret whitens crooked teeth.
Can I use My White Secret with braces or a retainer?
We recommend waiting until your braces are removed before using My White Secret whitening products (Whitening Strips, Whitening Powder) to avoid uneven whitening. As an alternative, consider our Day & Night Toothpaste to gradually whiten teeth.
Can I leave products on longer than the recommended time?
We don't recommend leaving the whitening products for more than the recommended time.
How long until I can expect to see results?
You can usually expect to see results within the first few days of using My White Secret, however you’ll see the final results after 7-14 days depending on whether you are using them once or twice a day.
Do I need a special toothbrush?
No! There is no need for a special toothbrush, we recommend brushing as normal with our Bamboo Toothbrush after you have used our products
Where can I buy My White Secret?
You can buy our products right here on or if you prefer we are stocked in a lot of stores around the world. Visit our stockist page to find your closest shop.

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