Why My White Secret?

How to use

You can use our whitening strips once a day for 14 days or twice a day for 7 days for the same results.

How to use

We know you need to know how to use our whitening strips and we’ve put some simple and quick how to instructions on our gorgeous home teeth whitening kits but just in case you’ve lost it, or the dog chewed it, or you want a lovely little reminder here are our steps to dazzling white teeth in just 14 days:

Tear open the foil packets to reveal two whitening strips. You’re on your way to beautiful white teeth!

Dry your teeth with a towel and then place the first whitening strip on your bottom teeth and then repeat with the second strip on the top gum line.

Keep the strips on for 30 minutes – don’t eat or drink!

Remove the two whitening strips and throw away. Rinse off any existing gel.