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Tooth Stain Removers

Tooth Stain Removers

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Why Use

Our tooth stain removers have a unique polishing head made from volcanic stone which gently removes stains to leave your teeth looking naturally whiter.

Effectively help remove plague, tartar, dental calculus and food particles in between teeth to prevent gum disease. Helps to remove yellowing teeth caused by everyday foods and drinks, such as tea, coffee, tobacco, cola…

The head of the Tooth Stain Eraser reaches in every nook and corner to brighten & whiten pale teeth. Cleaning teeth regularly can improve bleeding gums, gum atrophy, reduce tooth allergy, remove tartar and polished teeth.

How to use

1. Just wet the volcanic head and gently apply to stains and other areas of discolouration.
2. Use 1 - 2 times a week for best results.
3. Brush your teeth after use.


1. Get rid of tough stains.
2. Easy to use.
3. Volcanic Tip for inner mouth.


- Removes stains to reveals your natural smile.
- Suitable for sensitive teeth and gums.
- Cruelty-free & Vegan.
- Travel must-have.

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