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Water Flosser

Water Flosser

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Why Use

My white secrets new Water flosser!, your next-level solution for a cleaner, healthier smile! Using quick water pulses and adjustable pressure, this device gets rid of plaque and bad stuff from those hard-to-reach places between teeth and gums!

How to use

1. Fill the Reservoir: Fill with warm water and securely reattach to the flosser.
2. Select and Attach the Tip: Choose the appropriate tip and attach it to the handle.
3. Position and Power On: Lean over the sink, insert the tip
into your mouth, close lips slightly, and turn on the flosser.
4. Floss: Gently glide the tip along the gum line and between teeth, pausing briefly at each tooth.
5. Clean and Store: Turn off the device, empty the reservoir, rinse the tip, and store the flosser in a dry place.


1. Improve Oral Health
2. Reduces bad breath & gum inflammation
3. Wireless and rechargeable
4. Waterproof design
5. Helps reduce surface bacteria


Classic Jet Tip
This tip can be used daily to deep-clean between teeth and below the gum line where regular flossing and brushing cannot reach.

Periodontal Pocket Sprinkler
This tip rinses and massages thoroughly, reaching deep below the gum line to access periodontal pockets and furcations.

Orthodontic Spray Tip
This tip has a tapered brush, designed to reach underneath wires and around brackets, making it the perfect tool if you wear braces or have orthodontic work.

Tongue Scraper
The spoon-like shape of this tip removes bacteria effectively from the tongue, helping to prevent bad breath.

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